Mount Pelion is a magical peninsula located in Central Greece.

The Breathtaking powerful Mountain views alongside the Aegean Sea view are sure to put an everlasting spell on you.

The charming area can offer its visitors an opportunity for an all year round vacation. Whether you visit it in the Summer, Spring, Winter or Fall you will be able to observe its distinctive unique scents, sounds, tastes and views. No matter what season you chose for your vacation you are set for a lot of activities along with the relaxation you deserve.

For Swimming and tanning there is the nearby beach of Horefto.

No mistake can be made by the choice to spend time at the 2.5 km long beach, with its unique beauty of Green Mountain which joins the great blue and the golden sand.

Apart from that, keep in mind that the coastline of Pelion is blessed with an enormous variety of beautiful beaches which are ideal for water sport, swimming and relaxing suitable for all ages. 

In addition to the endless sea, Pelion is also a trekker's paradise as it provides visitors with the opportunity to enjoy some magical walks along the cobblestone paths, the ever-changing forests and watercourses which run among them.

If that isn't enough, you are also welcome to visit the region in the winter for a snowy vacation. The ski centre of Agriolefkes, at the top of the Pelion Mountain, is known through Greece as one of the best ski centers in the country.

Pelion and Zagora in particular, are the ideal escape from the more popular and overcrowded holiday destinations in Greece. So you can be sure that whenever you decide to take your holiday here, and stay at our beautiful apartments, you are certain to create unforgettable moments and have the time of your life. 

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